October 19, 2018 – Who You Will Give the Power to?

Dear Friends

It is only a matter of days now before it is time to cast your ballot and make the big decision about WHO YOU WILL GIVE THE POWER TO in Ottawa for the next four years TO MAKE DECISIONS that affect you!

On Monday October 22, 2018, Ottawa will be holding the 2018 Municipal Elections and YOU WILL HAVE THE POWER to elect 1 mayor, 23 city councillors and 37 school board trustees.

As your friends, we, The Justice for Abdirahman Coalition, can tell you first hand that this election matters and your vote can make the difference. Your vote is critical to ensuring we have good representation at City Hall.

We need representatives who are willing to work with us on social policy matters like employment, policing and issues around mental health promotion and support. We want to have a city council that is willing to put people first!

There are 12 candidates running for mayor and 114 running for city council. To learn more about the platforms of each of these candidates you can refer to the extensive interviews, questionnaires and profiles available of each candidate online. The CBC and the Ottawa Citizen are two examples. Have a look at the summaries and make an informed decision!

For insight on how these candidates responded to issues specifically affecting the Black community, see their responses to the questionnaire Nyansapo (NY- an-sah–pO), an advocacy group committed to equity and excellence in education, coordinated earlier this month.

Many of you often ask how you can support our Coalition and what actions you can take. One of the best ways you can help right now is be an informed and active citizen. Let’s not let Abdirahman’s life be one that was lost in vain. Remember him and make a decision on election day to vote in favour of the candidate you feel would best support a city for all.

The Justice for Abdirahman Coalition extends it’s best wishes to all those who are running in this year’s election. We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to Councillor Jeff Leiper, for his dedication and support to the Hintonburg community during the difficult circumstances that lead to the creation of our Coalition.

This coming Monday, we urge you to make a move. Get to your polling station and vote!

Thank you.

The Justice for Abdirahman Coalition

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