Justice for Abdirahman Coalition

Re: Support for Bill 175 - Policing Oversight Act

As you know our Coalition has been actively involved in the Government of Ontario's efforts to review the Police Services Act and Ontario's policing oversight model. The Safer Ontario Act, which was tabled on November 2nd, 2017, has incorporated many of the recommendations our coalition made to the review process and would deliver much-needed improvements to the police accountability frameworks in our province.

The bill will be entering its final debate in the Ontario Legislature this month and the community's voice has been overlooked. To address this, we have launched an e-mail campaign that includes the letter copied below, to be sent to MPPs by their constituents. The letter implores MPPs to support the bill's quick passage, without any amendments, to ensure the proposed reforms are implemented. We ask for you to share this link widely among your network, to ensure the support for these vital reforms is made clear.

Ontario's political leaders must rise to the occasion. Rather than succumb to the arm twisting of well funded lobby groups, our elected officials should take a sober look at this bill and support it as balanced effort to bring trust, transparency and accountability to policing. A safer Ontario depends on it.

We have carefully reviewed this legislation and we feel strongly that its passing as drafted is in the best interest of our communities. To this end, we strongly encourage you to make your voice heard. Let your elected officials know you care. Make them aware of your support for this bill.

Thank you,

The Justice for Abdirahman Coalition

Support This Bill