June 19, 2020 – The Justice for Abdirahman Coalition Scholarship

Annual Scholarship Application

Thank you for showing interest in applying for the 2020/2021 Annual JFA Scholarship. The JFA scholarship program was created to recognize outstanding students with bright futures as upcoming leaders and social justice advocates in their communities.
The scholarship takes an educational equity lens, therefore recipients academic performance will not be the focus, however the focus will be on awarding students who have overcome adversity in their life in order to achieve their full potential.

This year, JFA will be awarding one $2500 scholarships to qualifying students pursuing post-secondary education at an accredited Canadian University or College in Fall 2020.

Core Selection Criteria

  • Must be graduating high school or -CEGEP in June 2020 and attending an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution in September 2020 or January 2021 on a full-time basis OR must be currently enrolled in an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution on a full-time basis
  • Demonstrates financial need (in brief written statement)
  • Demonstrates community support and involvement for social justice and racial equity (in resume)
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities (in statement of intent and letter of reference)
  • Demonstrates perseverance and dedication that has led to overcoming adversity (in statement of intent and letter of reference)

Asset Selection Criteria
Be a person of African descent

Statement of intent (max 1000 words)

1) How have your life, work and educational experiences contributed to your understanding of yourself and others in relation to the society in which we live?  (You may wish to reflect on various aspects of your identity such as gender and sexual orientation, economic/class status, life as an Aboriginal person, racial or cultural background, or abilities or disabilities.)

2) Justice for Abdirahman’s objectives are to seek transparency and accountability in policing, challenging racial inequities and increasing support for mental health. Which of these areas interests you most? Why and what role would you like to play in resolving this challenge?

Application deadline:
September 30th 2020

Application required document/ forms details

One Academic Reference: You must have at least one. Even though it may have been some time since you were last in school, we encourage you to contact previous instructors/professors with a reminder of the class you took, when you took it, any specific assignments or  presentations you did, and your final grade.  This may help them to write a strong reference for you.  If you need to use a TA for an academic reference, that is fine although professors are preferred.

Professional Reference: At least one references must be provided who can comment in relation to your work experience.  Ensure you give your references plenty of time to complete your reference letter.

Other Considerations
If you feel you have something important to bring to the attention of the JFA Admissions Committee that is not addressed in the rest of the application (e.g. reason for low or failed grade/year, absence of academic or work reference etc.), then include a brief letter to the JFA Admissions Committee identifying this.  Include it with your CV or Statement of Intent document.

Thank you for your application.

Where to apply
Please send your application to info@justiceforabdirahman.ca

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